Some Awesome Stranger Made A Designated Parking Space For A Little Boy’s Bike 😍

Writer Christie Dietz recently tweeted a photo of her son’s exclusive parking spot.

Apparently, the little tyke has regularly parked his little bike on the same lamppost over the past year. Locals have taken notice, and you can’t blame them. It’s a pretty sweet ride — bright green with nice curves and a big red bell.


When the pair arrived at their regular spot on Monday, Dietz discovered a new addition to that faithful lamppost. It now featured an adorably designed sticker that declared “ONLY” her son’s bike could be shackled to the lamppost.

Twitter was overjoyed (and perhaps jealous) of the exclusive parking spot:

Most agreed the small gesture was not only sweet, but also uplifting: Β 

Twitter can be a rather combative and negative place, and this tweet was like a ray of sunshine. Hopefully this boy gets to keep his exclusive space forever…perhaps he’ll swap out the bike for a motorcycle one day.

H/T: Mashable, Christie Dietz