Statuettes Of Donald Trump Encouraging Dogs To Pee On Them Have Been Spotted All Over Brooklyn

As any historian will tell you, protest art is a vital part of any resistance movement, from the collages of the Dadaists and the Leninist-inspired paintings of the Mexican Muralists to statues of President Trump for dogs to pee on.

Nope, that last one’s not a joke!

Statues of our dear leader, affixed to astro turf with a sign that reads, “Pee on me,” have been popping up all over Brooklyn lately. And they’re soon to expand to Trump’s own stomping grounds, Manhattan.

Perhaps one will show up in front of Trump Tower…

The priceless masterpieces of soul-affirming, patriotic beauty are the work of artist Phil Gable and his branded content studio, Porcupine Armadillo, who placed the first statuette at the corner of Union and 7th in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

What inspired Phil, aside from a desire to provide folks an opportunity to pee on the President?

Speaking recently to Gothamist, Gable said, 

“…it was largely just a personal expression of my own disdain for Donald Trump, both as a President and a human being. I find it cathartic anytime I can express disdain through comedy, especially if it‰Ûªs related to politics.”

And lest you think these statues are just for show, Gable has taken his project very seriously, even going so far as to have “sprayed the whole thing down with a dog potty-training aid to make it attractive to initial users. I think we‰Ûªll have critical mass very soon.”

As you might expect, the internet took this as a golden opportunity to make as many jokes at the president’s expense as they can.

Though not everyone was amused‰ÛÓand it wasn’t just Trump supporters who were upset.

But Gable’s intent was simply to provoke a laugh.  And a thought or two. 

He told Gothamist:

‰ÛÏIf I can give them a laugh and a little break from their day, that’s great.”

“And if this gets anyone at any point in the political spectrum to contemplate the concept of decency at a time when this administration is being so hostile to so many groups, that’s good, too.‰Û

Sounds like a golden opportunity for thought-provoking urination rumination!

H/T Gothamist, The Independent