Stephen King Just Compared Ted Cruz To A Crustacean In A Tweet To Texas Voters

There is certainly no love lost between bestselling author Stephen King and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, especially since King keeps trolling the Senator on Twitter and calling him a crawdad.

Earlier in the month, King took to Twitter and urged voters to get out and support Cruz’s challenger for the U.S. Senate, Rep. Beto O’Rouke (D-TX).

King said in the post:

“Hey, Texas! Polls say Cruz is pulling away. Please Dems and Indies, vote Beto so I don’t have to look at that slimy crawdad for the next 6 years. I might not live that long! Yikes!”

Then, again this week, fellow writer Don Winslow asked a question on Twitter…

… and King leaped at the chance to answer, once again calling Cruz a crawdad.

We’re not 100% sure why crawdads are the crustation bearing the burden of the Cruz moniker, but people seem to be rolling with it. 

King wasn’t letting up. A couple days later he came at Cruz again with the crawdad slam, this time giving him the nickname “Ted the Crawdad.”

The nickname seems to be catching on. 

People are certainly listening to the master of horror. 

There is even a song about Cruz…er…crawdads. 

Whistle, sing, or shout — as long as you do it on the way to vote!



H/T: Huffington Post, MySA