Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend, But Her Nails Aren’t Done—So Her Cousin Heroically Steps In ????

The thing about getting proposed to is that no matter what sleuthing one has done, it’s still often a surprise. Because of that, it can never be guaranteed that the circumstances are perfect for the person being proposed to.

Luckily, that is when intrepid family members can step in.

Twitter user Jenna (@goodgaljenjen) was there when her cousin’s boyfriend proposed.

She quickly jumped into action when she realized that her cousin didn’t have her nails done for that perfect “ring shot.”

A little bit of camera angle trickery goes a long way.

On the left, we see the happy couple and a woman showing off her new engagement ring. But on the right, we see her cousin using some gymnast level flexibility and auteur level direction to fake the perfectly manicured shot.

Soon, the image was a viral hit.

Many hoped that the people close to them would do the same were they in a similar situation.

Others were fooled by the original picture.

Many were impressed by the loyalty.

Some warned any future proposers that they better wait till their nails are manicured before putting a ring on that finger.

And most were amused.

Cousin Jenna is the MVP we all need in our lives.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable