Adorable Dog Can’t Tell When Screen Door Is Closed—So His Owners Have To ‘Open’ It For Him 😂

A dog in Santa Rosa, California, named Akelah has a hard time telling if his screen door is open or closed, so his owners have to mimic opening it before he will come inside.

Twitter user Jensen Kendall posted a video of the cute pup online—and the internet is eating it up:

In the video, the family calls for Akelah to come inside, but the anxious dog patiently waits on the other side of an open doorway until a young girl pretends to open the door. Only then does the dog rush in.

Commenters loved the video:

Some were concerned for the dog:

People shared similar stories:

Twitter users also took note of the Christmas tree in the video:

Kendall was unapologetic about it:

There were plenty of commenters who were supportive of Kendall’s early Christmas spirit: 

Wendy summed up the general consensus on Twitter: 

H/T: Mashable, Twitter