Artist Makes Hand-Drawn ‘I Voted’ Stickers For People Who Didn’t Get One—And We’re Jealous

Didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker at the polls on Election Day? No problem!

During what the New York Times called, “one of the hardest-fought, most expensive and perhaps most consequential midterm elections in political memory,” what better way to alleviate some stress post-ballot than taking a selfie with an iconic “I Voted” sticker.

Unfortunately, there are not always enough stickers to go around, especially when so many people are getting out to vote. Some polling places don’t even give them out at all.

Enter New York cartoonist Gale Galligan who kindly tweeted an offer to hand-draw a printable “I Voted” sticker for voters who did not receive one at the polls.

She said:

In an email to Mashable, Galligan explained her intention:

“There’s something very special and exciting about ‘I Voted’ stickers and it’s a huge bummer when my polling place doesn’t have them! I was lucky this time, and thought it’d be fun to spread some of those good sticker feelings around.”

It didn’t take long for sticker requests to come flooding in:

So many requests came in that Galligan had to keep the designs lean and mean — but no less awesome:

According to CNN, the stickers have been around since the 1980s and come in various shapes and sizes. Patrick Race, who illustrated Alaska’s sticker, explained their place as a badge of pride in the American tradition of Democracy.

Race told CNN:  

“They tell people … you care enough about your community to do the important work of voting.”

Galligan told Mashable the drawings were a good way to distract her from wondering about election results.

She also said:

“These stickers are possibly the most accurate representation possible of who I am as a person.”

Twitter users were thankful for the stickers:

Let’s hope when the final counts are in, the results make everyone feel as good as Galligan’s drawings did.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter