Axl Rose Posts Scathing Twitter Rant About Trump Using ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ At His Rallies

On Friday, November 2, Donald Trump played “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses at a political rally in West Virginia. Axl Rose, frontman for GNR, was decidedly NOT okay with this and took to Twitter.

He made the band’s opposition to the President abundantly clear:

Axl Rose has been firmly against the current White House, even going so far as to say “we don’t have a president” this past September. During GNR’s concert at this year’s Coachella festival, the band invited fans onstage to destroy a Donald Trump-shaped piñata. Trump supporters rocking out to the song during rallies are most likely unaware of these facts.

Many GNR fans were glad to hear Axl Rose taking a stand against the President:

Few could have predicted Axl Rose would be our era’s voice of reason…

Axl Rose isn’t alone in his fight to stop Trump from using his music. Other prominent artists, like Ariana Grande, have sent Trump’s campaign cease-and-desist letters asking that their songs not be played at his political events. The Trump team has, for the most part, ignored these requests and used whatever songs are licensed by the venues.

It seems unlikely Guns N’ Roses will be able to stop Trump from using their music without revoking the rights they’ve granted to various performance venues all over the nation. Whether or not Axl will take that next step is yet to be seen but, in the meantime, at least he’s made it clear that Trump’s message does not align with the spirit of GNR.

H/T – Mashable, The Guardian