‘Kid Reporter’ Wearing A Fedora Goes Viral For His Unimpressed Interview About Beto O’Rourke

Kids doing things that seem overly mature for their age has been an “aww”-inspiring trope for decades. Enter Phoenix. The fedora-wearing kid from Texas styles himself as a “kid reporter.” He made an appearance on Fox News to give his thoughts on the midterm elections.

A video of the interview can be seen below.

Phoenix says…

“I think Beto thought he would have a big chance with the Hispanic voters, but I think he’s gone very far left, and my mom’s an immigrant from Nicaragua.

I’ve talked to a lot of people in the Hispanic community, and I think some of his values are something he’s running from.”

Some felt there was a little bit of a double-standard here.

Others were reminded of other famous conservative provocateurs.

Many believed we were hearing what his parents thought more than what he thought, and that like many “conservative kids” before him, he may be singing a different tune as he gets older.

While O’Rourke did lose the race against incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz, he came closer than any Democrat since Governor Ann Richards, who was elected in 1991, to winning statewide office in Texas. Political analysts feel that while O’Rourke fell short of the win, he has provided a road map for Democrats in the state. On top of this, they believe that increased turnout thanks to excitement around O’Rourke’s candidacy led Democrats to victory in at least two house races. So, it seems that O’Rourke’s values got him further than any Democrat in the last 27 years.

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