The Girl Who Gave ‘The Hand’ To Guy In Viral Election Night Video Says We Should ‘Chill’—And For Good Reason 😂

Many of us watched the midterm election night returns with bated breath. Would there be a blue wave? For the most part, there was, despite some midterm stings. Democrats took back the house as well as a few governorships. However, there was one interaction that grabbed everyone’s attention as strongly as the results themselves.

During the election night returns, someone caught this interchange between a man and a woman on camera.

Speculation about why she gave him the hand ran rampant.

The video went viral and eventually circled back to the woman herself, Ellie Delgado. She clarified…

And she even filled us in on what dad was saying.

People were here for it.

Mystery solved, and somehow it’s even better. As you were.

H/T: Twitter