Topless Protester Manages To Get Within Feet Of Trump’s Motorcade In Paris

*Warning: This article contains images of partial nudity some viewers may find inappropriate*

While in Paris, France, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, President Donald Trump’s motorcade was traveling down a street lined with observers. From the crowd came an unexpected presence: a topless female protestor whose body was painted with the words “Fake Peace.” Against all odds, she managed to run past police and right up to the President’s car.

Police managed to secure the woman fairly quickly, but not before countless photos had been taken.

French news stations watching the day’s events unfold live reacted with shock when the woman ran out of the crowd.

FEMEN, a “Ukrainian radical feminist activist group known for its provocative protests,” has taken responsibility for the stunt. Inna Shevchenko, a leader of the organization, has commented online that the presence of men like Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin at the event turns the memorialization into “a sad spectacle which is entertaining only for the criminals participating in it.”

Shevchenko also wrote online:

“They’ve come to celebrate peace but they’re promoting war.”

Twitter couldn’t help but make some jokes about the situation.

Some jokes addressed President Trump’s recent decision to miss part of the weekend’s ceremonies due to rain.

Some people thought the woman’s choice of protesting style could have proven dangerous for her.

Others were all for it!

One way or another, President Trump will surely take notice of this protest.

H/T – Huffpost, Bloomberg