Someone Left A Brilliantly Brutal Note On Woman’s Badly Parked Car—And It’s Everything 🙌

Most drivers wouldn’t take kindly to being told their parking was sub-standard, but one woman in the U.S. reacted rather differently after a hilarious note was left on her windshield.

Shelby, 27, from California, was attending the gym and parked her car in the “pretty much empty” car park before heading inside.

However, on her way back to the vehicle someone appeared to have taken offense to her parking efforts, and left this rather genius note in response:

This is what I get for parking like an asshole 😂 I deserved it. from funny

“Color me!” the drawing of an elephant read. “Maybe you could practice staying in the lines.”

“The note was left on my car while I was at the gym and I came back to find it on my windshield,” Shelby told the Press Association. “I thought it was actually nice that it wasn’t a note that was cussing me out.”

Not only did Shelby enjoy the note, she also recognized that her parking on that particular day could have been better.

“It was really dark out and my eyesight is already bad enough,” she said. “But when I checked how badly I parked, I wasn’t only crooked but parked right over the line between the spots.”

The post has received thousands of upvotes on Reddit as well as plenty of comments:

“I just wanna pour one out for all the people who are forced to park like a**holes because someone else parked like an a**hole. Then are left looking like the initial a**hole who parked like that. I understand your pain.”



“I don’t trust people who draw smiley faces like that.”



“No upvote until OP has done his time and colored the d*mn elephant.”



“This is very chaotic good. Frustrated enough to act on the frustration, but doles out retribution in a really placid way.”



“So why did you park like an a**hole in the first place?

A cute note from a stranger doesn’t absolve you from your sins. End the a**hole f*ckery!”



But Shelby says this one is “favorite response”:

“This makes me super happy that you know you parked like an a**hole, and were strong enough to admit failure and post it online! 99% of people would have said, “my parking’s fine”, screwed up the paper and gone on with their blind lives. But not you. You stood out from the crowd. You dared to be different. Good job!

Seriously though, park better!”



“I didn’t think it was a huge deal because the lot was pretty much empty but I’m guessing the person wanted to warn me for future reference, which is nice,” Shelby added.

To whoever left that note, bless you.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.