Someone Dubbed Alex Jones’ Voice Into The ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer—And We Can’t 😂

The first trailer for Warner Brothers’ POKÉMON Detective Pikachu dropped on November 12 and whipped the internet into an absolute frenzy.

At last, Pokémon fans will be getting the live-action film they’ve so long hoped for!

Check out the trailer:

One detail some viewers took issue with was Pikachu’s voice. Eternally snarky and self-deprecating Ryan Reynolds will lend his voice to the iconic character, and not everyone is happy with the choice.

Some Poké-fans were hoping the titular detective would sound a little rougher around the edges.

Some fans even went so far as to create doctored versions of the trailer featuring different voices as Pikachu. Perhaps the most disturbing and hilarious of these was created by @DolanDark on Twitter.

Have you ever wondered what conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ voice sounds like coming out of an adorable Pokémon?

Fans were rolling on the floor laughing!

Jones wasn’t the only person to get the Pikachu treatment.

Many other gravelly-voiced celebrities were spliced into the trailer to see what it would be like.

Twitter may have enjoyed the fan edits more than the original trailer.

The new movie will hit theaters May 10, 2019, and Ryan Reynold’s performance will finally be given the respect it deserves. Either that or Danny DeVito will immediately be signed on for the sequel. Only time will tell!

H/T – Mashable, Vice