Payless Just Tricked People Into Buying Shoes At 18x Their Retail Price

Payless achieved something that is the makings of viral internet history. They opened a fake upscale boutique at a mall in Los Angeles and called it “Palessi”. At the store, Payless sold their usual discount footwear at a markup of 1,800% to 60 fashion social media influencers.

The event was memorialized on video, and Payless is using the footage to create a series of ads. The angle is that their shoes are just as good as the high-end footwear. In fact, they’re so good that they could fool people into thinking they were far more expensive than they are.

While these social media influencers shelled out upwards of $500 for a $20 pair of shoes, after revealing to them that they had been duped, Payless gave them their money back and allowed them to keep whatever footwear they bought for free.

The real gold for the shoe company was the footage.

Some were here for it.

Some had harsh words for the ‘influencer’ culture.

But that received some incisive push back and sympathy for those who were fooled.

Many criticized the system in which brand names earn big bucks for simply having a ‘name’ attached to it.

We have to hand it to Payless. This was pretty brilliant.

H/T: Jezebel, Twitter