Comedian ‘Bandersnatches’ Herself For An Entire Day, Asking Followers To Decide Her Every Move

Black Mirror‘s first ever choose your own adventure film has just landed on Netflix.

Bandersnatch interacts with its viewers by allowing them to choose which path the protagonist walks down. Sound like fun?

Well, Australian comedian Bec Hill—who now makes her home in the UK—decided she wanted to apply this method to her own life. Hill is best known for her comedy special Bec in an Hour.

It started innocently enough, just like Bandersnatch.

Breakfast is a simple enough decision so Bec Hill posted her first poll, but the verdict was close.

Then, things took a slight turn.

But things quickly recovered with some cute fashion.

Things got super cute.

But then crisis struck.

A small prank was played.

And eventually the pair found themselves facing the most difficult choice of all.

Bec Hill’s fans decided that they wanted to see a little bit more spontaneity.

But she bravely courted bad luck with this one.

Luckily her fans seemed to be a polite bunch.

And the day of theater didn’t end there!

And her mother finally got her revenge for the prank played earlier in the day.

The fans decided that the night was still young even after their full day.

And finally, things ended in the most British way possible.

Okay, there was a little bonus.

Charlie Brooker, one of the creators of Black Mirror, would be proud.

At least we think so.

If Bec Hill’s sense of humor seems right up your alley, you can catch her comedy special, Bec in an Hour, here.