Dancing American Airlines Worker From Viral Video Is ‘Ecstatic’ About The Love He’s Been Getting ????

A tarmac worker has gone viral after a video of him dancing was uploaded to the internet. Jahmaul Allen was captured dancing while he performed his job guiding an airplane just before Christmas.

And you can tell he’s really enjoying himself!


The video shows the 28-year-old doing a bunny hop and waving his lights around. He ends with a dramatic point in the air. You can hear the couple taking the video laugh at his antics.

It’s so wholesome!

According to ABC, Allen was doing this to try and make a crying child happy.

“I felt like I needed to brighten that child’s life. I just made her smile … so then I continued to dance.”

For those worried, he also explained to that this did not interrupt his job. The flight had a “perfect path” and needed minimal guidance from him.

Which is great, because we could stand to see more of those moves.

Dancing isn’t a normal part of the job, but Allen says:

“I would say I do it every now and then, whenever I feel like the mood to dance and whenever I want to make someone happy on the plane.”

Allen has been ecstatic at the reaction to the video. He has fully embraced his dancing reputation and posts about it on Twitter.

And it’s pretty great.

While he enjoys the fame his internet dancing has brought, his goal is to one day become a pilot. But in the meantime, he’s pretty happy.

“I usually don’t really have an impact on anyone. No one really notices me, so for this to happen, for this to surface — it’s actually a blessing.”

Dance on, you wonderful man.