Someone Just Turned Siri’s Response To A Math Question Into The Sickest Beat πŸ”₯

The holiday season might be over but the internet is the gift that keeps on giving.

Most recently, the internet gave us all a super sick beat. But that’s not what’s so amazing about it.

The beat was created by none other than Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant. Siri didn’t manufacture the beat by herself, however.

Someone asked Siri:

“What’s one trillion to the tenth power?”

In case your math is a little rusty, the answer produces a lot of zeros. Siri’s rhythmically even answer provided the basis for percussionists, rappers, and any other beat enthusiasts.

People can’t stop watching the math-inspired beat.

The viral video has already inspired some pretty incredible remixes.

The less rhythmically inclined are simply sharing their glee over this new soon-to-be-challenge.

I never thought I’d see the day when something so nerdy would be so lit.