Woman’s Attempt To Coax Her New Puppy Out Of Some Mud Takes A Hilarious Turn—And We’re LOLing Hard 😂

Who doesn’t love a roly-poly, cute-as-can-be puppy? Even when they are being naughty, like Rose the bulldog, they are adorable, right?

Or maybe not, as one woman was about to find out.

Twitter user Sash shared a video of her aunt gleefully laughing as she filmed her new puppy Rose playing in the mud. She prompts Rose to come out of the puddle to go take a bath.

Instead, Rose goes on a runner with hilarious results.

Twitter can’t stop laughing. 

And then Sash’s aunt popped by to give an update. It’s as bad as we imagined.

Others could feel her pain.

We know the number for a great cleaning service.