This Egg-Roll Eating Squirrel In A Tree Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen So Far In 2019

One of the best parts of a new year is seeing what memes will come to define it.  Since meme culture moves at the speed of light and it’s already four days into 2019, we are certainly overdue for some new material.

Here are some choice memes that came to define 2018.

A Star Is Born and Romaine Lettuce:

Change My Mind:

Baby Cardi B:

“Is This A Pigeon?”

It seems 2019 is off to an adorable start. Lo and behold, straight from the city that brought you Pizza Rat, we give you what the internet has dubbed Egg-Roll Squirrel!

The squirrel has gotten so much traction in the past few days that it even has a New York Post and a Time spot.

So what is it that we love so much about Egg-Roll Squirrel?

Is it the sheer reliability of him nibbling away at the fried treat?

This guy somehow managed to make a squirrel eating Chinese food unnecessarily political:

Is it the fact that he’s content with eating the naked, un-sauced egg roll?

Or does it just ring true for thousands of squirrels worldwide?

The Egg-Roll Squirrel now even has its own Twitter account. His bio simply reads, “I am a squirrel. I love Chinese food.”

It tweets adorable animal memes, such as this squirrel getting a scratch:

As well as updates of the Chinese food this squirrel enjoys.

Welcome to 2019, folks, and a new meme season!