This Guy Did A Cover Of Toto’s ‘Africa’ Using Just Sweet Potatoes And Squashes–And It’s Impressive 😮

Art has officially reached its high point!

YouTuber Pupsi just uploaded what may be the greatest, most talented video of all time. Using only sweet potatoes and a pumpkin, he managed to create a pitch-perfect cover of “Africa” by Toto.

The internet, filled with quality people of good taste, was obviously beyond excited to have this new video in their lives:

“Africa” is good no matter how it’s performed.

There’s something beautiful about making your own instruments, then jamming with them.

The new year is off to a great start!

Of course, many other…unique covers of “Africa” can be found online.


These are merely a small sample of what’s readily available on YouTube!





A huge congratulations to Pupsi for pushing our culture even further into the future with your amazing art and, as always, the biggest congratulations goes to Toto for writing the most incredible song on planet Earth.