Woman’s Halloween Confetti Accidentally Went Down The Drain—And Got Stuck In A Very Spooky Position 👻😂

A concerned woman on Twitter is worried her sink might be permanently haunted after a piece of Halloween confetti got stuck down the drain.

A spooky little ghost peeks out adorably from the drain, almost like he’s intent on staying there forever.

Zoë Tomalin, a comedy writer-performer, received hilarious responses to her post, with some joking they hope the little guy doesn’t “sink into despair” over his strange predicament.

Tomalin’s close-up shot of the confetti ghost went viral on Twitter, receiving over 210,000 likes. 

Others responded with reports of paranormal activity in their own drains.


But many were left wondering…who uses Halloween confetti in January?

One person changed their twitter handle to “👻 drain confetti ghost 👻”

Outside of her haunted drain, Zoë Tomalin is pretty funny on Twitter.

She’s clearly a fan of all things hilariously creepy on the internet.

Turns out ghosts and spooky stuff are common subjects of her tweets.

It’s still unclear why Tomalin was washing Halloween confetti down her drain in January, but that just adds to the whole supernatural mystery.

We wouldn’t be surprised if that ghost is chilling out in the drain until next year, waiting for a few confetti comrades to join his spooky hideout.