House Has An Innovative ‘Bee Brick’ Built Into It—And We Need More Of This, Please ????

It is not unusual for homeowners to suddenly find themselves surprised by an onslaught of honey bees in their walls. Usually, a beekeeper is called out to remove the bees and relocate them.

But most of us haven’t heard of someone wanting to attract bees to the walls of their house — at least until now.

Twitter user Adam Cormack specifically added bricks to his home to attract honeybees. Six months ago, with biodiversity on his mind, Cormack had a “bee brick” placed into the side of his house.

The goal is to give a nesting site for solitary bees.

This week he discovered it is working. 

Some folks were confused, so Cormack explained the reasoning and safety.

Twitter was buzzing with interest. 

Some folks weren’t convinced.

But a little education never hurt anyone.

The environment could use every little bit of help right now!