Some Anonymous American Hero Has Been Sending Republican Sen. Ben Sasse Angry Fortune Cookies

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, unlike much of his cohorts, appears to have been born with a personality and good sense of humor. Not a Mike Huckabee sense of humor, a real one.

It’s shocking, we know.

When he hasn’t been responding rather snarkily to news from the White House (like that one time he responded to news of the Trump administration’s $12 billion bailout plan), he’s been taking criticism in stride.

Consider the way Sasse responded to the rather unconventional mail he’s received from an anonymous American. The citizen in question has been sending fortune cookies—that’s right, we know you have your local Chinese food restaurant on speed dial—to Sasse’s office, and the fortunes inside are rather creative.

“I’ve been getting some anonymous fortune cookies from an angry American — and I think it’s time to give props for creativity…” Sasse captioned a picture he shared to Twitter of himself holding up a fortune that reads:

“May the afterlife turn out to be a series of never ending Fox News interviews.”

Another cookie Sasse received sentenced him “to be trapped in an elevator” with “folks who are really angry with me.”

(We’re onto you, Fox.)

He’s been eating the cookies, too!

Though this person strikes us as rather aghast.

Let’s go back to this notion of an “afterlife,” though.

Are we absolutely certain the anonymous American wasn’t referring to hell?

We have to admit that fortune’s pretty clever, though, and we’re reminded of the occasional times Sasse has sparred with the Fox News Channel, as when he fired back at Sean Hannity, telling him:

“Sorry, Sean—you changed, not me. Some of us still believe in the Constitution.”

This came after Hannity said he’d regretted supporting the Senator because Sasse took President Donald Trump to task for his repeated attacks against news outlets.

The angry fortune cookies have really taken off, though. Consider them a novelty item during these politically turbulent times.

Perhaps there is a meaning behind the staleness of these fortune cookies, too.

But really though… is nothing sacred?

Guess not.