Democratic Sen. Has The Perfect Clapback After Being Accused Of Falling Asleep During Trump’s SOTU Speech

The State of the Union didn’t reveal a new side of the President; he just stuck to his old habits of predictability and hyperbolic sentiment, wagging the finger at Democrats for blocking his border wall while calling for unity. Hence, Pelosi’s sarcastic hand clap.

Donald Trump pretty much threatened that if Democrats wanted peace and legislation, then they must call off “ridiculous partisan investigations.”

While most Democrats had glazed looks on their faces during his speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to be occupied shuffling the pages of Trump’s speech when she wasn’t sarcastically clapping her approval.

Other legislators simply appeared to be dozing off.

Twitter user and staff writer for The Atlantic, Edward-Isaac Dovere compiled stealth photos of select stone-faced Democrats in a hilarious thread titled: “Democrats watching Trump (a series).”

Many of the photographs captured the legislators with their eyes closed, implying that Trump’s blabbering lulled them to R.E.M. mode.

One of the slumbering attendees pictured was Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow

Was Trump’s voice similar to white noise for the senior Senator from Michigan?

We’re not sure, but a shutter release at exactly the right split-second of time forever captured her in a perpetual state of slumber.



When the internet noticed the photo of her counting sheep, they felt the same. And when the photo was brought to her attention, she owned it with a brilliant response.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” she tweeted. “I was trying not to scream.”

Screaming was encouraged. It’s what we’re all feeling.

What was really happening under those eyelids?

The Senator and Trump are not chummy. The two went head to head on Twitter when Trump accused her of showing resistance to signing 2018’s bipartisan farm bill. He did so without showing any evidence to back his claim, which is par for the course.

Senator Stabenow may not have been asleep at the SOTU, but none of this is a dream.