Trump Just Won Two Razzie Awards For Being His Most Authentic And Awful Self

As the sitting president, Donald Trump doesn’t excel at anything worthy of praise outside of taking a wrecking ball to the White House and disgracing our constitution.

But his shortcomings as commander-in-grief constitute for something.

In fact, he was recently recognized for two Raspberry awards, affectionately known in Hollywood as the Razzies, which honors some of the worst performances captured on film. For all intents and purpose, the Razzie awards are fake, which are in line with many of Trump’s false assertions and accusations that spew out of him daily.

The 39th Golden Raspberry Awards bestowed upon “Donald J. Trump and his self-perpetuating pettiness” a  worst-screen combo Razzie for his “performance as himself” in Death of a Nation – a documentary comparing him with Abraham Lincoln; and Fahrenheit 11/9 –   a Michael Moore documentary that compared Trump to Adolf Hiter.

To introduce the category, invisible emcee in the Razzies video says, “(Trump) has said of himself, ‘My whole life is about winning. ‘I don’t lose often. I almost never lose. I don’t like losers.’ So not surprisingly, he’s won. Again.”

Watch the “ceremony” for the Razzie awards in the YouTube clip, below.

He won a second Razzie for worst performance by an actor in a leading role for both documentaries. Unfortunately, Trump wasn’t able to accept his golf-sized raspberry trophy, so accepting the award on his behalf was his BFF, Vladimir Putin.

This category might’ve been overlooked for another award.

We already know he’s a winner for this category. He said so himself: he hates losers.

Trump was bested by the bigliest winner of this years Razzies when Holmes & Watson took home top honors. The Sherlock Holmes parody film won for worst picture; worst remake, rip-off, or sequel; worst director (Ethan Cohen); and worst supporting actor (John C. Reilly).

The Trump administration received another dishonorable mention when Kellyanne Conway won for worst supporting actress in Fahrenheit 11/9.

The annual booby prize award precedes the Academy Awards by a week and has been a years-long tradition dating back to the first ceremony on March 31, 1981, that was held in the awards co-founder and industry publicist John J. B. Wilson’s Los Angeles home.

The “raspberry” refers to “blowing a raspberry.” Yes, that fart noise you make with your tongue sticking out between your lips to relentlessly deride someone has a name.

At this point, we’re all out of raspberries to give, so these awards will have to do.

Congrats, Trump! This is one accolade you very well deserve, just for being you.