This Proud Mom Is Rocking Her New Bod After Life Altering 137 Pound Weight Loss

Alexandra Symons of Queensland, Australia spent most of her life yo-yo dieting. She would lose 110 pounds only to gain it all back.

But after her son Hudson was born, Symons wanted to enjoy swimming and the beach with him. However her insecurity about her appearance held her back.

She explained to

“I wanted to be able to be in a bikini but not feel like I was the odd one out.”

“Being bigger made me scared to even eat in public, let alone wear a bikini. I’d hide in toilets whenever I was out and needed to eat there as I couldn’t face being teased.”

“But once Hudson came along, I knew I couldn’t hide any longer. I had to do something for him, if not for me.”

Finally Symons came to the realization she could not do it on her own with traditional diets. After being declared morbidly obese, Symons cashed in her retirement early and had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG).

She said:

“I’d always been obese, by grade 6 I was 220 pounds, and at 18 my doctor warned me about my health.”

“I struggled with it so much and would yo-yo diet. Sometimes my food intake was so strict, I’d lose as much as 110 pounds only to put it all back on again when I allowed myself to eat.”

“When I had my son though, my weight really bothered me. At one point I was breastfeeding Hudson and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, I’m literally a fat cow’.”

After surgery, Symons still had work to do.

“Adjusting to life after was a huge shock to the system. I was used to not eating a lot from my periods of dieting badly, but once I came off the purees and soft foods [required before and after surgery], I found I’d get sick from as little as half a can of tuna.”

But Symons was determined and now three years after her surgery and “slow and steady” progress she has almost reached her goal weight of 143 pounds.

And the results are plain to see.


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Found my comparison of preop to 3 months post op ! Even then watching the changes was so amazing I couldn’t believe how well the sleeve was working for me. A month after this my hair started falling out and I had a huge stall. Even then I didn’t care I knew my body must’ve been in shock and needed that time. I’m glad I trusted my instincts and didn’t push it past it’s limits. At some point in the second year I looked at myself and went well if this is what I get to I’m happy! Third year and I fluctuate 3-4 kgs but as soon as I do I reel myself back in. I’m not insulting this giant process my body went through and eating my way back up! But this lifestyle is so much more enjoyable can’t wait to see what the future holds ???????? #lifeafterweightloss #beforeduringafter #wlsbeforeandafter #wls #vsg #vsgcommunity #vsgjourney

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She shared the different stages of her journey so others who go through the same procedure will know it did not happen overnight.

In this post she shared her pre-op photo, one year photo and 2 years post-op.

But having lived most of her life struggling with her weight, Symons still lapses into a negative body image.

She shared on one Instagram post:

“Always remind yourself of where you came from. I called myself a whale the other day. Think I need to practice a little more self love.”

Symons now speaks to others who are on the same journey as her.

The women she talks to call her an inspiration, but she said she gains inspiration from them.

Symons said:

“I’m a size 6 now and weigh 152 pounds, which is a healthy weight for me. I also eat really well, though my portions will always be smaller than normal.”

Her message to others is:

“The real you and shape is under there… just gotta chip away at it. Weight does not define you.”

Symons is now expecting her second child with her husband Jake, but still enjoys time on the beach with the little man who inspired her weight-loss journey, her son Hudson.


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Baby bump growing! #vsgjourney #lifeaftervsg #pregnantafterwls #vsgcommunity #vsgpregnancy

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