This Video Of Mitt Romney Blowing Out The Candles On His Twinkies Birthday Cake Is Just So Bizarre

Mitt Romney is proving you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy his “favorite snack.”

On Tuesday, Romney’s team surprised the delighted junior senator of Utah for his 72nd birthday (March 12th) with a “cake” of Twinkies.

The baked tubular treats with a shelf-life that is half his age were topped with candles that gave witness to his inner child coming to life. When was the last time you saw a grown man this psyched over Twinkies?

The video capturing the special occasion is, without a doubt, a sweet moment between him and his staffers, but his unique way of blowing out the candles is especially peculiar.

Thankfully, the number of candles matched the letters in “Happy Birthday” instead of years, so not only was everyone’s time spared, but he also didn’t become unconscious from extinguishing 72 candles.

As you can see in the video, the Republican senator doesn’t stretch his lungs to extinguish the flames in one fell swoop. Instead, he dislodges each candle and blows them out, one puff at a time.

You can’t knock a guy for his sanitary approach.

In fact, people appreciated him for not spraying his DNA droplets all over the Hostess treats. Sort of. He still blew out each candle in the direction of the cake, but still.

With his unique method, he gets to have a wish for each candle.

People couldn’t resist taking a moment for making comments.

Let us remind ourselves, the man is a septuagenarian.

We’re not mad about his diet at all.

A Twinkie’s whipped cream center is like blood for a vampire. “What are you guys gonna have?” Romney asked his team. Bon apetit, senator!

Happy birthday, senator! May you continue to stay preserved for many years to come.