James Van Der Beek Had The Best Trolling Response After Learning The College Admissions Scandal Is Nicknamed ‘Operation Varsity Blues’

The explosive college bribery scheme in which 50 wealthy parents were charged for bribing coaches to get their sons and daughters into prestigious universities they normally wouldn’t qualify for was dubbed:

“Operation Varsity Blues.”

The appellation was the result of a trolling effort by the Justice Department, referring to the 1999 football film Varsity Blues, starring Dawson’s Creek heartthrob, James Van Der Beek.

James Van Der Beek, 42, epically trolled the scandal by referencing his character Jonathan “Mox” Moxon from Varsity Blues.

“If only there was a succinct turn of phrase these kids could have used to inform their parents they were not desirous of their life path…”

His character Mox was a backup quarterback for the West Canaan High School football team whose intellect made him long for academic pursuits by leaving Texas and attend Brown University.

In the film’s climactic moment, Mox tells his father:

“Playing football at West Canaan may have been the opportunity of your lifetime, but I don’t want your life.”

Van Der Beek was inspired by the momentous quote.

Fans bowed down to his genius of a tweet.

And who could ever forget Mox’s preference for whipped cream bikinis?

On a scale of one to ten, this was a touchdown.

Well played, James.