An Artist Drew A Very Suggestive Picture Of Captain Marvel And Valkyrie, And We Kind Of Need It To Happen

Captain Marvel is the newest hit in Marvel’s canon of heroic adventures, introducing many around the world to Carol Danvers, a Kree-trained superwoman who also happens to be the first woman to lead a Marvel blockbuster.

The breakout success of the film has inspired huge amounts of fan art from the internet, including one picture from artist Bev Johnson showing Captain Marvel lovingly carrying Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok through the air.

Unlike most pieces of fan art, however, Johnson’s got noticed and called out by Captain Marvel herself!

Brie Larson retweeted the image, telling her colleague and friend “We cute.”

Thompson wasted no time in responding, obviously loving the image just as much as Larson did.

But as excited as the two stars were, their fans were even more jazzed by the idea of a Captain Marvel/Valkyrie romance.

The LGBTQ community did everything they could to try and will the fan art into existence.

Many thought the romance would have fascinating implications throughout the MCU…

The two heroes’ couple name shall be Valkarol and they shall be perfect.

Pay attention, Marvel, because this is what your fans want!

Only time will tell whether these two interplanetary superpowers will find the love they deserve (with each other), but fans certainly seem to hope they will. Perhaps it will be teased at the end of Avengers: End Game! One can only hope…