Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Symbolically Ushers In A New Era—And It Hits All The Right Notes With Fans

Taylor Swift is pretty darn good at music videos…but she really nailed this one.

Swift teamed up with Panic! At the Disco’s Brandon Urie for a delightful duet entitled “ME!” and oh my god it’s totally fire.

The music video features a snake exploding into butterflies, a bubble-gum pink dress that becomes a waterfall and more special effects than most movies. Honestly, it looks like the Wizard of Oz on acid and dunked in glitter.

“ME!” symbolizes a departure from the dark tone of Swift’s recent music—and fans are loving it. 

Haven’t seen Taylor’s latest masterpiece? 

Check it out below.

There’s so much to love about this.

First of all…Brandon and Taylor’s voices are incredible together. And “ME!”‘s unforgettable video is jam-packed with some of the most stunning imagery and elaborate sets imaginable.

New Taylor RULES.

Swift fans are analyzing and praising every small detail of “ME!”‘s music video. 

Many believe the video signifies a new era of Swift’s artistry. 

Others just marveled at the irresistably colorful video.


Meanwhile, easter eggs hinting at Taylor’s next album are making the rounds on Twitter.

Everyone expects quality visuals from Taylor Swift, but nobody anticipated this masterpiece.

Don’t forget she co-directed the entire video!

It’s looking like a whole new era of Taylor Swift is about to hatch from a cocoon…and we can’t wait.