Nurse Hits Back At Trump’s Claim That Mothers Conspire With Doctors To ‘Execute’ Babies In Powerful Thread

Medical professionals are standing up against the misinformation that Trump promoted in a recent Wisconsin rally that mothers and doctors decide whether or not to “execute” their babies.

The claim—while not only absolutely false—dangerously posits lies into the conversation around the right to abortion, and women’s civil rights in general.

Nurse Julia Pulver took a stand in a thread on Twitter:

“Trump’s claim that mothers and doctors are permitted to execute a baby after it leaves the womb is incorrect,” says CNN.

Well, duh. But Trump putting this lie into the collective unconscious is dangerous and potentially damning on abortion rights.

People, including Patton Oswald, are fighting back heavily against this rhetoric:

And Americans across party lines agree this is the absolute line, and Trump has crossed it.

Democrats are coming together to sign a pledge: the 2020 Candidate Pledge.

The Pledge says the candidates will “make the primary constructive” and “respect the other candidates”; “rally behind the winner”; and “do the work to beat” President Trump, to avoid a repeat of 2016.

With comments like this, we need that pledge more than ever.