This Viral Video Of A Tiny Shrek Expertly Running A Dog Agility Course Is Hilariously Bizarre

Ogres aren’t typically known for their speed or agility, but prepare to see the character Shrek from the DreamWorks movie of the same name like NEVER before.

The delightful edit posted by @chanbahi features a miniature Shrek darting through an obstacle course for show dogs. It just exploded on social media, racking up well-over 500k likes on Twitter in only three days. Shrek’s mad dash through hoops, balance beams, and tunnels cleverly edits out the dog and replaces it with the miniature sprinting ogre. 

It’s impossible not to laugh at mini-Shrek’s stone-cold face and stubby limbs. 

The 44-second video is full of amazing touches. The crowd roars with excitement at Shrek’s every move, totally adding to the illusion that he’s actually racing in the freaking Westminster Dog Show.

We’re also loving the close-up cams hiding in tunnels and attached to balance beams. It really gives you an intimate look at mini-Shrek’s athletic prowess.

People on social media are going nuts for the viral video of mini-Shrek.

One guy translated the video into Spanish. It’s even better that way. 

Others debated how @chanbahi rendered the impressive video. 

Most agree: Shrek’s obstacle course is one of the best things, like, ever.

The video’s creator has a bunch of other mind-bending clips on Twitter.

None of @chanbahi’s other edits feature mini-Shrek, but he should probably make this an ongoing series. I wouldn’t mind seeing the little green ogre try pole vaulting or perhaps white river-rafting.

The possibilities are endless!