Ireland Just Made History By Banning This U.S. Preacher From Entering The Country—And The Internet Is Cheering

Ireland doesn’t approve of American pastors infamous for spewing anti-LGBTQ and anti-Semitic views.

Steven Anderson is a controversial pastor from Arizona who started the Faithful Word Baptist church in December 2005 from his home, and he just became the first person banned from entering Ireland under a 20-year-old power.

The church describes itself as an “old-fashioned, independent, fundamental, King James Bible only, soul-winning Baptist church.”

According to the fundamentalist Independent church’s website, Anderson was scheduled to preach in Dublin on May 26, but now his appearance seems unlikely.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan signed an exclusion order under the 1999 Immigration Act on Sunday, following a petition signed by 14,000 people wanting to ban Anderson from entering the country.

Here are a couple of reasons why the Baptist pastor isn’t deemed worthy as a human being.

The 37-year-old came to prominence in 2009 after telling his congregation that he prayed for the death of then-President Barack Obama. He also praised the gunman who opened fire at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others.

He is also a Holocaust denier and his church describes homosexuality as “abominations which God punishes with the death penalty.”

According to the Irish Times, Section 4 of the Immigration Act allows the Minister to sign the ban if he “considers it necessary in the interest of national security or public policy.”

Flanagan said:

“I have signed the exclusion order under my executive powers in the interests of public policy.”

People everywhere are raising a toast to Ireland.

Americans don’t need his kind in our backyard, either.

Anderson is already banned from most EU countries in addition to the Netherlands and South Africa.

Well done, Ireland.