Nothing Is More Peak 2019 Than Beto O’Rourke Livestreaming His Haircut

Beto O’Rourke won our hearts (and almost won the votes) when he challenged actual troll Ted Cruz for his Texas senate seat.

He has joined the field of 23 Democrat candidates headed to the primaries next spring.

And though his campaign was off to a slow start, he’s trying to make a comeback by being “relatable” to voters, which is the only explanation we can think of for live-streaming his 17 minute haircut.

O’Rourke took the opportunity to answer some questions.

Some of the questions were talking about his policy if he were to take office, but mostly they were about his… ear hair???

O’Rourke is sort of known for live streaming strange mundane activities.

Nobody is really sure how he was supposed to answer questions at the dentist, with hands in his mouth and all, but honestly, another giant question is, why???

O’Rourke’s Congressional voting record is far more conservative than most of the other Democratic candidates in the 2020 race.

With the competition stiff and more liberal candidates polling ahead of candidates like O’Rourke, his political life is in trouble if he continues to livestream mundane activities, thereby pushing his voter base further and further away.