Woman Uses A Pickup Line On Tinder That’s So Smooth You Could Spread It On Toast

The art of flirtation on social media is tricky when you see your desired target.

You don’t want to come off as too eager when chatting, nor do you want to feign playing cool to a point where he or she loses interest and moves on.

This woman found the perfect balance and rendered the guy she was chatting with on Tinder all weak in the knees with a silky smooth pickup line.

A screenshot of their flirtation was shared on a Reddit thread in which the creatively inclined vixen wrote:

“So I’m trying to log into my email and I can’t remember by password.”

“And you know how it asks you those security questions to answer so you can login?”

Do you see where this is going? Harrison can, as he responded with a “yuuup” and wanting her to go on.

Well the first question was ‘who s the cutest guy that you know?’ and so of course I said Harrison.”

“The second question was ‘what is Harrison’s number?’ and I was wondering if you could help me out with that.”

Harrison couldn’t contain his response in a single text. He had to break his reactions up because his expectation was shattered to smithereens.




“That was so f*****g smooth it hurt.”

See the screenshot, below.



At this point, we’re assuming she got Harrison wrapped around her finger and got his digits.

While a handful on Reddit said the pickup line was nothing groundbreaking, the fact that a woman used it earned cred for turning gender norms on its head.

Who says women can’t be as aggressive as men when it comes to dating? 

“Do girls actually hit on guys like this? Asking for an ugly friend who isn’t me.” – internetStranger205

“As a female, yes. My ugly female friend who isn’t me (nope definitely not) she says yes too. Is it always this smooth? Hahaha no.” – smartburro

“I dmed my bf on IG first and we’ve been dating for 2 years. Yes, girls do this!” – thatfathooker

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This guy prefers women to initiate a spark.

“All of my relationships/hook-ups have been due to the girls that have hit on me, not the other way. I’m a rather shy guy and would avoid “breaking the ice” – Siferion

One Tinder user broke down his experience on the dating app to comment on the rare flirting tactic by a woman.

“I’ve been using tinder for just over a year and a half and I’ve never received a message with this much effort. I probably average 1 match per day while using the app for reference. Met close to 20 people in that time. I have a full profile and 8 pictures so there is content to comment on. I’m definitely nothing special.”

“No more than 15% message me first and most only say hi or how are you.”

“When women have tons of matches because dudes swipe right way more, the fact is it can be overwhelming, so it’s understandable for your average guy not to get many messages like this.” – JodumScrodum

Men better get their A-game on.

“I haven’t used tinder in a while but when I was in good shape this did happen.”

“It’s rare but when it does happen it’s just a matter of not screwing things up royally.” – pbj986

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“One girl hit on me 7 months, 13 days and 9 hours ago. It was not like this but I remember it because it was the only time in my life a girl ever hit on me.” – Drix1942

Users are encouraging Harrison not to screw this up.

“That was silky f*****g smooth and she messaged you first. Don’t f**k it up.” – ZealousEstimate

“Well I’ll be damned. This is a once in several lifetime’s event that you have just experienced. Cherish the moment bro. This won’t happen again.” – yukiyeah

But others lost confidence in his gushy reply.

“You know what wasn’t smooth? You’re cringey a** reply, that’s what.” – –__–__—__–___–

“He already f****d it up, look at that response. You need to recognize smooth and play back instead of gushing over it” – and_eazy

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Does anyone have an update? Asking for a friend.

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