Guy Takes Job Throwing Flower Petals Very Seriously During Sweet Marriage Proposal

When Charbel and Kristina got engaged, Charbel certainly knew he wanted to go all out on the ‘romantic’ aspect.

Charbel (of Ontario, Canada), wanted to surprise Kristina, (also of Ontario) but he knew that was going to be a tough job.

After being together for just over a decade, Charbel knew he would have to go big or go home.

“Kristina is very difficult to surprise but I finally decided to do it outside a very famous hotel in Ottawa called Château Laurier. I set up a brunch for her and some of her friends and the plan was on their way back to the car they will walk by the huge set off stairs and that’s where I would be standing waiting.”

While he stood on the landing, a young man by the name of Wael Mansour, the groom-to-be’s best friend, crouched down in the corner and threw rose petals, just to make the moment extra special.

We stan a petal-throwing corner-ridden best friend.

The supportive best friend throwing petals; the new stereotype that will appear on all teen dramas from hereon out.

“I still don’t know what’s happening or how it happened,” Mansour told Buzzfeed.

“It’s funny because I’ve always been an outgoing and goofy guy but never thought I’d go viral for throwing petals as a last minute idea at my friend’s proposal.”

Our dude has since decided to capitalize on his newfound success.

“I like business and I’ve always worked a lot so why not take the opportunity when it presents itself? I like making people happy and being part of moments like this anyway and it’s a unique idea that people are seeming to love, so why not?”

We might be calling him for our own event/proposal needs.


May your future events be supported by someone as committed as this man is to his best friend.

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