Comedian Offers Speech Ideas After Accidentally Getting Invited To Speak At A Dental Conference

Every now and then, in our endlessly bureaucratic world, a mistake will be made. An email sent to the wrong person is nothing too out of the ordinary.

What turns this small mishap into an unforgettable story however, is how people like comedian Paula Skaggs choose to respond to it.

When Paula (not a dentist) received an invitation to speak at an upcoming dental convention, she could have easily let the organizers know she was not, in fact, the Paula Skaggs they were looking for.

Instead, she took things in a more enjoyable direction.

Paula began sending the convention’s organizers many thoughtful, thought-provoking ideas for her speech:

“Arts, Crafts, Teeth…and YOU!: Simple, Fun Art Projects to do with Discarded Teeth.

Are you sick and tired of throwing away perfectly good teeth after you take them from a patient’s mouth?!

Join the freakin’ club! In this fun, hands-on session, you’ll learn unique, easy art projects that you can use those discarded teeth with – including handmade necklaces, macrame and even a terrarium for a child’s room!

Come with clothes you don’t mind getting messy, a few bags of teeth, and a good attitude!”

And Paula wasn’t done there! Her next idea was even better:

“Teeth! What Are They Good for? (Absolutely Nothing), Think Again, Buddy!”: An In-Depth Look into How Teeth Can Be Beneficial: Are you sick and tired of patients coming to you and saying, “Rip these teeth of mine out! What are they even used for anyway?”

And not having an answer? Join the club, friend! In this talk, we’ll go over the many ways that teeth can actually be beneficial for the human experience – including eating, ripping open small plastic bags, and maybe more! Come with a notepad, pen, and a few bags of teeth.”

As a finale worthy of any orthodontist, Paul brought her improv skills to the table:

“‘Yes, AND…More Teeth Please!: How To Use Improv Comedy in the Dental Studio’ Whoever said that Novocaine is the best medicine has clearly never seen the 1998 film ‘Patch Adams!’ (Because it’s actually laughter that’s the best medicine!)

Next time a patient starts pleading for medicine during a routine dental surgery, why not put down the drugs and pick up…your imagination!

Using the skills of improv comedy, you’ll soon be making your patients laugh so hard that pain killers will be a thing of the past.

Learn the fundamental of improv, including moving a chair around the stage, miming that you’re digging a hole, and playing zip, zap, zop! Come with comfortable clothes and a few bags of teeth.”

It turns out being invited to the wrong convention is a fairly common situation:

Twitter users helped Skaggs think of her next big pitch:

It’s amazing how many hilarious lines Paula was able to come up with by simply ignoring every typical rule of polite conduct.

People were ready to drop whatever they were doing to go catch any of these amazing speeches!

Comedy of this caliber is practically a fine art.

Of course, that’s not to say Paula’s jokes didn’t have a few detractors.

But most people seemed to agree that these proposed speeches were comedy gold.

So if you’ve got a bag of teeth you don’t know what to do with, don’t worry! Paula Skaggs has just the thing for you.

The film Little Shop of Horrors, available here, also explored the humor in dentistry.