Clever Mom Throws A Job Fair For Her Kids When They Ask For More Allowance

Teaching kids the value of a dollar is no small task. Indeed, some kids never learn the concept, such as every roommate I ever had!

But that is a whole other article.


It’s tough to convey to children how money works when they don’t have any actual real-life responsibilities, right? My mom would get so exasperated with me begging for stuff she took to just yelling “GET A JOB!” Which, you know, I was 8.


But a woman named Shaketha McGregor, a mother and actual genius from Georgia, has cracked this code.

In response to their requests for cellphones and outings, SHE HELD A JOB FAIR FOR HER KIDS.

Shaketha posted the whole thing on her Facebook page and, I mean, just look at this.

There are job postings—for the positions of Kitchen Manager, Lead Housekeeper and Laundry Supervisor—job applications, an interview process and salary negotiations and we have decided to stan indefinitely.


The best part of the whole thing is that she billed it to her kids as a “surprise” in response to their requests and I cannot stop laughing.

Yesterday I told them that I’ve heard their requests and that I’ll have a surprise for them today when they get home from school. SURPRISE!!! It’s a whole hiring event! 

The most SAVAGE but also INSTRUCTIVE and FORMATIVE trolling in human history.

So how did McGregor’s kids respond?

As she told Buzzfeed:

“When they came in the house [they saw] the job fair and they were like, ‘This is not what we asked for.’ I told them if they want the things they’re asking for then they have to get a job first. And to my surprise they brought me the applications one by one.”

I bet they did.

Shaketha also told Buzzfeed she’s gotten tons of messages from other parents inspired to hold their own job fairs. A whole entire legend and a parenting icon.

As you might guess, Shaketha has amassed a legion of new social media fans.


And some folks were reminded of their own moms who had similar procedures

Seems we’ve found our new “Mother of the Year,” every year in perpetuity.

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