Michigan High School Students Pull Out All Of The Stops In Pop Culture-Inspired Student ID Photos

The students of North Farmington High School in Michigan have a reputation for pulling out all the stops when it comes to their school ID photos.

Every year, they dress up as a pop culture icon for their school ID photos and then post them on the internet for the adoring public to see.

Check them out.

With icons from Cindy Lou Who to Princess Mia Thermopolis, the threshold for creativity with these students is unpredictable and delightful all at once.

This is amazing and we love it, but how do these students fare when they actually have to SHOW their IDs?

Do people recognize them at all?

The best part is that while some have dressed up as pop culture icons, some have dressed up as celebrities captured at specific moments in time; or else as memes of celebrities.

The limit does not exist for options.

And how are they ALL AMAZING?

We wish we had been this creative when we were in high school.

Does anybody else here get the feeling that we all collectively went to the wrong high school?

Color us impressed.

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