Bernie Sanders Roasts His Own Fashion Choices After Supporter Says It Looks Like He’s Wearing ‘About $250 Worth Of JCPenney’

Bernie Sanders means many things to many people, but very few regard him as a fashion icon.

In fact, with his disheveled hair and loose-fitting shirts, one might say Bernie’s success has come IN SPITE of his typical disregard for fashion.

But to his closest supporters, it’s just one more thing to love about him.

At a recent town hall in Iowa, one Iowan pointed something out.

“Bernie, I noticed your suit, and I made a comment on Facebook about what people wear and how you notice the racial or class divide in people. I’m sorry, but an Armani suit is about $2,000 and you look like you’re wearing about $250 worth of J.C. Penney.”

The clip of Sanders’s reply went viral thanks to his candid response.

The voter clearly preferred Bernie’s thriftiness to Trump’s lavishness.

“…no one I know has a $250 million boat like Donald Trump, nobody eats a $700 plate of food every day, and nobody has a $2,000 suit, and nobody wants one. He’s ridiculous.”

Twitter loved Bernie’s hot take on fashion!

Bernie knows how to make a dollar count, that much is certain.

Bernie and Kohls are an all-star connection.

Many people understood Bernie’s appeal even more after watching the video.

Bernie isn’t going to change for anyone.

So if you’re ever trying to get that classic “Bernie Sanders” look, remember that Kohl’s is the place to go!

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