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Granddaughter Keeps Recording Herself Scaring Her Grandfather After He Bets She Can’t Scare Him

Never make a bet with someone younger than you or more persistent. While “old age and cunning” may defeat “youth and skill,” those young’uns have got stamina on their side. YouTube user Don’t Die Wondering had a bet going with her grandfather that she couldn’t scare him. So, she took it upon herself to make … Continued


James Blunt Just Found His Unlikely Female Doppelgänger In Sportscaster Faye Carruthers

Science says the likelihood of us all having a doppelgänger somewhere is surprisingly high. But what are the odds of ever finding yours amongst the vast expanse of humanity? And the odds of them being the opposite gender and them just showing up on the telly and also the odds of you being famous Grammy-nominated … Continued


Woman Posts Video Of Herself Reacting To Trying Kombucha For The First Time

You ever taste something for the first time and it sends you on a journey through every human emotion, from “Oh hell no” to “Well now wait a minute…” and then back to “NO” before returning once again to “Hmm maybe?” A woman on TikTok documented this extremely relatable and specific experience and it’s blown … Continued

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Comedian Offers Speech Ideas After Accidentally Getting Invited To Speak At A Dental Conference

Every now and then, in our endlessly bureaucratic world, a mistake will be made. An email sent to the wrong person is nothing too out of the ordinary. What turns this small mishap into an unforgettable story however, is how people like comedian Paula Skaggs choose to respond to it. When Paula (not a dentist) … Continued

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Guy Takes Job Throwing Flower Petals Very Seriously During Sweet Marriage Proposal

When Charbel and Kristina got engaged, Charbel certainly knew he wanted to go all out on the ‘romantic’ aspect. Charbel (of Ontario, Canada), wanted to surprise Kristina, (also of Ontario) but he knew that was going to be a tough job. After being together for just over a decade, Charbel knew he would have to … Continued


Rainn Wilson Just Epically Shut Down A Young ‘Office’ Fan Who Wanted A Picture But Didn’t Know His Name

Actors bring roles to life every day. Some are so thorough in their portrayal that it becomes impossible for audiences to extricate them from their characters. Sitcoms are the perfect place for this to happen. Who doesn’t think of Everybody Loves Raymond when they see Ray Romano? Or Frasier when they see Kelsey Grammar? Some actors have … Continued


Pink Just Epically Shut Down People Who Mommy-Shamed Jessica Simpson For Dyeing Her Daughter’s Hair

Pink never has time for haters on social media. Jessica Simpson received some serious mom shaming on social media for helping her daughter dye the ends of her hair. The look, she says, was inspired by The Descendants. If you’re unfamiliar, The Descendants is a popular Disney franchise that follows the descendants of infamous Disney … Continued


Billy Eichner Just Shared An Awesome Message He Got From A Woman He Said ‘F**k You’ To 9 Years Ago

Let’s set the scene. You’re hanging out in NYC, just minding your own business, when suddenly a strange man with a microphone rushes at you asking some absurd question. And when you finally manage an answer, he shouts “f**k you” and runs off. In most instances that would be deeply unsettling, and you might need … Continued


Will Smith Just Shared The Weirdest Video Of Him Face Swapped With Jada Pinkett Smith That Can’t Be Unseen

Are you a huge Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith fan? Have you ever wished you could just mash them into one perfect, inhumanly beautiful person? Well now’s your chance! Jada’s talk show on Facebook Watch, Red Table Talk, which she co-hosts with her daughter Willow and her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris, has tackled all sorts … Continued


John Legend Pulled No Punches In A Scathing Rant About Donald Trump’s Attacks On Baltimore

Last week, Trump made headlines yet again when he attacked Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland on Twitter. The President got defensive when Representative Cummings spoke out about the conditions at the border as well as issuing subpoenas to the White House on potential illegal activity in connection with his role as role as chair … Continued


Little Girl Battles Through Her Sister Gladiator-Style, Then Takes Out Her Baby Brother To Seal The Deal

Frustrated siblings of the world (so … pretty much everyone who has a sibling. It’s okay to admit they’re annoying sometimes.) MEET YOUR NEW HERO. Recently a little girl named Quinn got the joy of doing what so many of us have only ever daydreamed about. Think back to all the times your siblings drove … Continued

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Girl Has Priceless Reaction After A Bird Flies Into Her Face While She’s Riding A Roller Coaster

Nothing like a day at the amusement park, right‽‽ The rides! The junk food! The birds dive-bombing you in the face while riding the roller coasters. At least, that’s what happened to a 10-year-old Australian girl named Paige, whether she liked it or not. She was riding the DC Rivals Hypercoaster at the Warner Brothers … Continued